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About M-net

Since 1996, M-net has been supplying large parts of Bavaria, the greater Ulm area and the Hessian district of Main-Kinzig with reliable, comprehensive communications technology: the offer ranges from advanced high-speed internet connections, fixed and mobile phone plans, to complex networking solutions, and a wide range of national and international radio and TV/HDTV services. As a pioneer in the expansion of fiber optics, M-net is investing over 100 million euros in its own fiber-optic broadband network.

Translating the M-net website

Here you will find instructions for all main browsers on how to automatically translate our websites

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.
  2. Go to a website that is in a foreign language.
  3. Click on "Translate" at the top of the page.
  4. The webpage will be translated in chrome once.

It doesn't work? Try to refresh the webpage. If that doesn't work and the page is still not translated, click the right mouse button anywhere on the page. Then select "Translate into [Language]".

  1. Install the Firefox-Add-on "ImTranslator".
  2. To do this, simply click the "Add to Firefox" button on the website.
  3. Open a website that you would like translated into your language.
  4. Click the right mouse button somewhere on the webpage.
  5. Choose "ImTranslator" from the context menu: Translator, Dictionary, TTS > "Translate this page into [Language]".
  6. Google Translator now opens a new tab with the translated webpage.

Safari does not support website translation without additional plug-ins. Please use a different browser.

  1. The browser automatically detects the language of the page and indicates in the menu that you can translate the page.
  2. Choose a language from the list that you would like the page to be translated to.
  3. Click "Translate" to translate the page. (To always automatically translate from the source language, select the check box.)
  4. On the address bar, you will briefly see a status notification that the page has been translated.

If you click the "translate" icon in the navigation bar, the appearing menu also shows the status.

Our products

Internet & Phone

Our unlimited plans with up to 1000 Mbit/s download speed

  • Real surf flat rate
    Guaranteed browsing at your booked speed without any restrictions
  • Surf with high speed at the same time
    Even if everyone at home is online
  • Unlimited phone calls
    Includes unlimited phone calls to the German landline network and M-net mobile network
Learn more


Television: Watch whatever, whenever and however you like

  • More than 100 channels available incl. 50 channels in HD
  • Use apps as well as media and video libraries
  • Time shifting with recording function
Learn more

Security Package

Comprehensive protection for up to 15 devices

  • Protection of online identity and data
  • Worry-free browsing on all devices (PC, Mac, Android and iOS)
  • Includes password manager
Learn more

Mobile plans

High-speed browsing on the move thanks to LTE

  • Unlimited calls to all German mobile and landline networks
  • Mobile surfing with up to 50 Mbit/s in Germany
  • Call with your own number via LTE or WLAN
Learn more

Business Phone Solutions

The right voice-over IP for your business requirements


Rely on a virtual telephone system from the M-net cloud

Maintenance-free IP communication solution for modern business telephony.

Learn more

SIP trunk

Get your VoIP-enabled telephone system ready for the future

Customized voice-over IP solution with its own telephone system on the premises and secure audio connection.

Learn more

Premium IP

Use the complete package of telephony + Internet incl. flat rates

Convenient voice-over IP solution for the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Learn more

Business Internet

Solutions for highest demands

Fiber-optic SDSL

Your broadband internet connection ideal for large data volumes

Professional broadband solution for high-speed downloads and uploads for medium-sized companies.

Learn more

Direct Access

Your high availability, static internet connection

Dedicated line with the extra bandwidth, security and flexibility for medium and large businesses.

Learn more

DDoS-protection solution

Your reliable solution for the safety of your data traffic

Anti-DDoS program for companies including direct access and housing solutions.

Learn more


For data security and connecting your company locations


Simple, reliable solution for a high-performance connection of two local company networks.

Learn more


Cost-effective, comprehensive, and high-performance solution to connect all locations within a virtual network.

Learn more


Exclusive solution for a permanent connection of several local area networks (LANs) into a common Ethernet WAN (Wide Area Network).

Learn more

Data center

Access and fail-safe alternative to in-house servers at seven locations in Bavaria, with the highest security for your data.

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All plans available for your entered address will then be displayed.

Note that the Availability Check is not translated on other M-net pages. To translate a page, follow these instructions.

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You can reach us Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. free of charge at:

0800 990 60 90

Or use our contact form now. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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